Getting started

After reading through this guide, check out the API Reference within the Explorer section to see all available API requests, and use the Explorer to test calls in real-time with your own data.

Before you start using the Interactions API you must complete the following tasks:

  • Sign up for a Vonage Contact Center (VCC) account. If you have not already done so, find more information on how to do this at Vonage | Cloud Contact Center.
  • Set up one or more named routes with interaction plans using VCC’s Interaction Architect. You can use the Interactions API to invoke these named routes and interaction plans. For information about setting up named routes and interaction plans and using VCC to make and receive interactions, go to Vonage Contact Center Product Documentation.
  • Get your client credentials (client ID and client secret) within the VCC Admin Portal. For information about generating your client credentials, see Getting your client credentials from Vonage Contact Center.
  • Use your client credentials to generate your bearer access token. You must use your bearer access token to send API requests. The Authentication section contains information about getting your bearer access token.

The root URL for the Interactions API is is https://***, where *** represents a regional subdomain. URLs in the example code use *** in place of the region. To access the API for your region, replace *** with the correct subdomain for your region.

Region URL subdomain Base URL
EMEA emea
USA nam
APAC apac

Add the action name to the URL to form the endpoint you need to access the action and its fields. For example, https://*** enables you to invoke an interaction flow, or release an existing interaction. The URL https://*** enables you to register a provider.