All requests to Interactions API endpoints return standard HTTP headers, including the response status code.

Response codes and errors

Error code 400 Bad Request

The Interactions API returns 400 Bad Request in response to an invalid request. This can occur if a required field is missing, or if the JSON request is malformed.

Missing accept header

If you do not provide an accept header, you will receive a 400 Bad Request error.

Invalid accept header

If you provide an invalid accept header, you will receive a 400 Bad Request error.

Error code 401 Unauthorized

The Interactions API returns 401 Unauthorized in response to an invalid, expired or missing bearer access token.

Error code 403 Forbidden

  • The Interactions API returns 403 Forbidden in response to a request that is not authorized.

  • If you can authenticate with the API but do not have access to the specific resource you requested, you will receive a 403 Forbidden error

Error code 500 Internal Server Error

If for any reason, the Interactions API encounters an unexpected error, you will receive a 500 Internal Server Error error. If you receive this error, please contact support.